Ghana Academy of Film and Television Arts | Accra | Starring Charles Bucknor
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Starring Charles Bucknor

Starring Charles Bucknor

Project: Starring Charles Bucknor
Film Title: Various
Directed By: Various
Time: 6:30pm
Date: 24th June, 2017
Venue: GBC ZOY Gardens
Rate: FREE!

Kofi Bucknor or as I called him, 'Topp Dogg'. An artist, a visionary, a man who enjoyed life in all its flavours and a raconteur par excellence! We collaborated together on Run Baby Run, Elmina and Home Sweet Home. I use collaboration because that's what it was. Bucknor never shied away from expressing his views and creatively fine tuning any character he was given. A man who appreciated language and its many nuances, we spent many a day and night ``chin wagging`` and basically exploring our favourite theme-``what constitutes art and how far can we go before we go too far!`` Topp Dogg, you were always an inspiration and there was indeed never a dull moment with you. There's more I could share but sometimes the best stories are often best left untold! Sleep well. - Emmanuel Apea Jr.

Films for the night include….

No Time To Die
Heritage Africa
The Headmaster

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